Dating a recovered alcoholic aa meetings

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He also brought up very inappropriate innuendos including their “old bedroom” and “how great it was” – he questioned how she was, what her life is like, etc.

The email was flirtatious and inappropriate, and I’m confident that had I never caught it, he would go right back to what he was doing with craigslist. I told him that he had a problem and he denied that he has a problem because he doesn’t do it very often.

For the immediate/foreseeable future: You will go to counseling once a week for a period of 6 weeks (however, if your counselor feels that you should be going more, then you will), and I will go to counseling individually as well.

We will go to one initial session together, then you will have your 6 sessions by yourself, then we will meet the counselor together again after your 6 sessions.

I had found HUNDREDS of emails from complete strangers on Craiglist – ALL SEXUAL in nature and that he had even been sending his picture to some women (just his picture of himself, not his genitals).

I continued to look at the emails – to see how long he had been doing this and found that it went back to when we first started dating.

I have read so many stories on your site, so may so eerily similar to mind and I am haunted by the possibility that this thing will begin to unravel more. I want hope that I can move on either by myself (if I divorce) or with him (if I decide to stay). ), and god bless you for being so strong and creating such a wonderful site. I do not trust or believe anything that comes out of your mouth. I do not believe that you believe that you have a problem.

I am scared that he is not telling me the truth, so I have to assume the worst – though he claims he never physically cheated on me, I don’t believe him. I hope that counseling and time will help you see that you do have a problem and you can begin the healing process.

I just found out about my husband’s secret earlier this week.

We can assess after how many times you need to go to counseling thereafter.

If after 6 weeks, I feel the same way I do now and that I do not see ANY hope that you and I can go on in a marriage that is built on trust, respect and dignity, I will move out and initiate a divorce. You will sleep in a separate room until I feel that it is right to sleep in a room together – this can be months.

That being said: These are boundaries/conditions that I will put in place for the foreseeable future: These are absolute conditionals for us to start working on our marriage and for me to start trusting you again.

If I do not see significant improvement in 6 months starting from today 10 November, then I will move out of the house and initiate a divorce. That means that any communication you have, be that to a stranger or someone you know needs to convey that you’re a married man. Anything that you do that you would not do with me knowing IS SHADY and you should not be doing it.

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