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"I wanted to be like him," the younger Reiner recalls. I looked up to him and I admired him so much." On summer breaks, Reiner accompanied his father to the set of and studied what he did.

(Click above to listen to this episode now or click here to access all of our episodes via i Tunes.Not many know that Reiner actually worked with Sorkin to rewrite chunks of the script and "plug up some plot holes." This apparently didn't cause any strain in their relationship, because three years later they reteamed for ." In the years thereafter, Reiner has made films much more sporadically."I got very involved in politics," he says, and then his family went through a tumultuous period after his teenage son, Nick Reiner, became addicted to drugs."It took me four years to get [ off the ground because people didn't like the idea that a TV sitcom guy was going to direct films." That groundbreaking mockumentary ("We didn't intend to create a genre") put to rest any doubts that Reiner could direct — but neither it nor the second film he directed, the rom-com was the first time I felt like, ' Okay, I'm really establishing my own identity and personality with a film,'" he explains."It was the first time I was making a film that really reflected my sensibility and my personality.

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