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You didn't give off any vibes where you could have been swayed.

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On Wednesday, hours after they were dumped from the villa, Jess took a sweet picture of herself with Mike as they prepared to head home.I don't want to put myself in the position where I can get pied.'For me that's it. Might just crack on with Chloe, have a little kiss with her.'Mike stuck to his word, as he sought out Chloe and again confided in her about his problems with Olivia:'I'm just glad to be out of it. 'I don't want to feel naïve in saying I trust you but I just hope what we talk to each other about stays between us. It's clear to see that me and you are on the same level.'As they sat down to chat again that night, Mike asked several more leading questions, saying: 'We obviously know we get on really well. 'Chloe wasn't ruling anything out, whilst remaining cautious of Mike's recent dalliance with Olivia:'It's really hard.'Apart from the first night, I've only said good things about you. I was talking to someone earlier and obviously you're very attractive, we do get on.'He called me Muggy Mike, but I don't give a s**t,' Mike declared.'On the outside world he wouldn't get away with it.But in there I just had to call him a t****r and leave it. I'm more upfront than that.'Indeed, Wednesday's episode showed Mike start to lose patience in the love triangle as word of Olivia's two-timing antics spread through the villa.

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