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The two men drive though the Pont de l’Alma tunnel — an accident black-spot. Her business card says she specialises in ‘Wholistic Healing for Musician’s Injuries & Caring for the Well Be-ing of People’ (sic). Dodi and Diana are seated in the luxurious armchairs at the front; they hold hands, talking non-stop.

Earlier in the month, Diana had flown on holiday to Greece with her friend Rosa Monckton in the same jet. ’ Diana had said, pointing at the pink seats and green carpet covered with pharaoh’s heads. The British Embassy does not know Diana is coming, so there is no extra security.

On the day Prince Charles held a 50th birthday party for Camilla, Diana was at St Tropez in a leopard skin print swimsuit.

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The last time he had seen Dodi was in July when he was with Kelly Fisher.Many of the 14 rooms are empty and Diana seems disinterested.Henri Paul arrives at the Villa and Murrell opens the gate.They only found out last night and have had little time to sort out security arrangements.In Paris, acting head of security at the Ritz Hotel, Henri Paul, 41, is on his way to play tennis with his friend Claude Garrec.

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