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So I thought to myself: maybe I’m a girl deep down. I just thought that in order to be with a boy I have to be a girl.That seemed like the only explanation for my attraction. Gay people in Nigeria were invisible – constantly hiding.He advised me that the best way to survive is to live a sexless life. The hairdresser wasn’t gay and immediately took offence.There’s no one to trust and if you get HIV securing proper treatment is very rare. He yelled and alerted a crowd of people who gathered around the gay man, hurling insults and assaulting him.I’m speaking out because I had a taste of freedom for the first time when I was studying in England and I want to taste it again. I want to share that freedom with other gays in Nigeria. The majority of Nigerians need to be properly educated. I have argued with some homophobic Nigerians and from what I noticed they hate gays because they were told to hate us by their religion. Jesus stopped those men from stoning the adulteress in the Bible but these Nigerians, these Africans persecuting homosexuals in the name of God, have forgotten the actual the word of God. If we aren’t being persecuted we’re living in another hell, pretending each day that we’re just like everyone else.

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This is a country where people die from Boko Haram bomb explosions, car accidents due to bad roads, a high crime rate and poor healthcare, yet the majority of people support the government’s claim that homosexuality is the main issue in Nigeria. This site is highly recommended and you have our thumbs up. -2013 makafavor I now met someone from this website. I pray that each person here will meet a true a companionship. I do know that God have someone for each and everyone of us.The consensus is that homosexuals deserve it, and that the country needs to be cleansed.Also, I’ve heard about guys who flirt with gay men just to lure them into a death-trap.

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