Validating event form close group dating worksheet

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I think it’s very important for women out there to know about breast cancer and to support the cause and to create the awareness around that if detected early it is curable and there is a life beyond that and that as a woman. I hope to see all you women out there participating on the 16th.

I feel these kind of events are really wonderful and do create a lot of awareness.

I urge everybody out there to run because running is the simplest way of keeping fit, because all you need is a pair of shoes and the road.

Running releases endorphins, and keeps you happy throughout the day and of course is a great stress buster, not to mention its also great for your skin.

I started running when I was 15 and haven’t stopped since then!

Well I’m really happy to be flagging off Pinkathon 2012, the first ever one in Hyderabad, in India.

Thanks Elton There may be a way through code, but I don't know it. Caption = "Print Form" End Sub We can use a graphics problem as long as it can be started with a control button that will activate a script that will pass the stored image name and execute automatically with no user intervention.

You could do it manually with the assistance of a graphics program that will save in jpg format. What i will do is put a Imag Control (Picture Box) in the form, make it Visible to False (No), then try use below code to generate the JPG file. Since we can print the form, an ideal solution would be to convert the printed image to jpg.

I am delighted with this effort to raise awareness about breast cancer.And here is an example to capture form image: Private Declare Sub keybd_event Lib "user32" _ (By Val b Vk As Byte, _ By Val b Scan As Byte, _ By Val dw Flags As Long, _ By Val dw Extra Info As Long) Private Const The Screen = 0 Private Const The Form = 1 Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim s As Integer s = IIf(Option1(0). Value, The Screen, The Form) keybd_event vb Key Snapshot, s, 0&, 0& 'Change to The Screen to make Screen Capture Do Events Picture1. What Milind, Reema and Deveika are striving to achieve is very noble, and I hope the people of Hyderabad support them in full spirit.Breast cancer is a much neglected ailment in India, most women don’t take it as seriously as they should; and events like this will only help making women more aware and alert about this disease.

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