Who is ahmad rashad dating

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Not unless your big goal is being appointed ambassador somewhere in exchange for dating Kim Jong Il's African-American cross-gender doppleganger.

The mounting sexual assault and other allegations against Cosby were not discussed — an article on the website says it was “not long after Martin’s interview with Cosby that a number of women came out and accused Cosby of drugging them and raping them.” The interview did occur weeks after Hannibal Buress called Cosby a “rapist” on stage, so it’s not exactly clear why that wasn’t brought up at all. Martin tells Cosby it was “always great to watch the interplay between [Cliff] and [Claire Huxtable.]” That’s when it gets weird.

Y., home in January, issued a statement saying he was “saddened” by the divorce and asking that the family “be allowed to deal with this privately.” Phylicia has seemingly turned to her career for solace.

She will soon cohost benefits for Broadway Cares and breast cancer, her film The Visit opens in April, and this summer she will appear in Blue, an Off-Broadway comedy.

She also shined in a performance in Oscar-nominated movie Creed last year and has received accolades for the off-Broadway play she is currently starring in.

Lately she courted controversy with some unkind remarks about the women accusing Bill Cosby of rape and abuse.

She behaves a little like the wife, who didn’t see and perhaps didn’t want to see what her husband was capable of doing to others.Rashad, a sportscaster and a close friend of Michael Jordan’s, is keeping the romance on the down low.“They haven’t gone out in public,” one source told me.Of her one and only marriage, to William Robert Jarrett, Valerie once e-mailed a reporter: “Married in 1983, separated in 1987, and divorced in 1988.Enough said.” I'm not sure that dating Obama's creepy nanny/adviser is really a great catch.

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